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About me

Michael HughesHaving worked in Web Design since 2000, in 2002 I decided to have a site of my own. I've been working in the design/media industry since 1994, after I graduated with an industrial design degree from Coventry University.

The CV/Resume section of this site shows some of my web design and other work. Over the years, I've worked in a lot of design areas, from illustration, multimedia and web design through to animation, video creation/editing/effects , and more recently web games design and programming in Actionscript 2 and 3.

I enjoy travelling a lot, and some of my photos and experiences are contained within the travel section

Please feel free to browse through all my stuff, but please don't steal any of the graphics, photographs or writing. If you want to use anything, please contact me here and ask, and I'll probably say yes.

I was born in England and I grew up in Derbyshire.

About this website

This site was more or less hand coded XHTML & CSS, using notepad. The pages validate, which means that not only are they standards compliant, it also means they should work in any new browser and also be future-proof. The design uses no tables (except for tabulated information) which means the content/code ratio is pretty good, ensuring me a high rating on search engines. You can check out the XHTML and CSS validity of these pages using the buttons below.

The site is a revision of my earlier tables-based website, which started it's life in September 2002.

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"Nothing truly great was ever designed by a committee"

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