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This page is full of miscellaneous stuff that has no right to a button of it's own.

Section #1 - Amiga renderings.

Back when I had an Amiga 500, and later a 1200, I had Real 3D, a solid modelling package that looks crude now, but way back then was pretty neat. Here are some of the models I made, which took hours (and hours) to render.Remember, they are from 1991 - 1995.

Click Thumbnail to view

Space Shuttle AT-ST Blockade Runner Klingon BOP DS9

JCB Ford P100 Crash Ford P100
Indycar JCB Legomen Crash Ford P100

Super H Valve Chrysler Building
Valve Sonic Chrysler Y-Wing

Section #2 - Cardboard Delorean.

I created this for a school art project in 1987. It's a bit beat up now, but not in bad shape. Click the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Delorean Thumbnail

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Section #3 - Funny, Humourous and weird search strings.

These are just some of the many strange and bizarre search strings that are used to find my site, together with my comments.

Section #4 - More Funny, Humourous and weird search strings.

Some more of the many stupid and amusing search strings that are used to find my site, together with my comments.

Section #5 - Mercenary III playing guide.

One of the few games I've completed, I wrote this playing guide to this top Amiga game way back in 1991, where it was posted to USENET. This was probably my first ever contribution to the Internet community.

Section #6 - Models, Soldiers etc I've built / painted. (Click to view photo)

I've modeved the model kits to a page of their own, as it was getting to be quite a list.

Section #7 - A test of subdomains, search strings and other stuff. A link Dump, which can be ignored by humans.

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