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Yet more strange search strings

Scraped from the web logs between July 2006 and March 2007, here's another selection of the weirdest search strings that Google send to my site, with my comments beneath each. This is part 3 in a series.Part 1 is here Part 2 is here

"drunk chinese tourist panda"
Possibly a winner of "non-sequiter of the year"

"what does it mean to have a captain cook at the opera house"
To have a Captain Cook? Is this some bizarre Australian sexual practice?"

"application for sex"
Just who imagines that there is even anywhere you could apply for sex?

"magnet blow birmingham"
Another non-sequiter prize applicant.

"replica tag heuer watches from singapore"
I like the word "replica" here. That's a fantastic new marketing word to describe a cheap copy. "It's not a's a replica"

"a man went into a shop to check the price of something. how much is one? 1.20"
Whaaat? What the hell is this about? Just what sort of information were they trying to find here?

"girls thick white liquid"
Ok, great. Sounds like you have a problem there.

"pictures of ugly kids" and right next to it on the list : "funny bizarre kid photos"

"i want all the good food in great britain!!!"
Some might argue there is none

"photo of a killer killing a man"
That's what killers do, they kill.

"cathay pacific plane delayed by gucci bag"
Stuck under one of the flaps, no doubt.

"heanor girls porn"
Heanor is a small ex-mining town where I grew up. It's not a majoy centre of the porn industy, or for that matter, even a minor one. Someone's grasping at straws here. This search term, and variants of it, occur quite often.

"what is the food like in coventry, uk?"
They don't have any Coventry specialities worth searching the internet for, that's for sure.

"how many cows in"
How many cows in what?

"most dangerous flights to bangkok"
Got a death wish have you?

"delusional stalker, where are you?"

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