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Mercenary III by Novagen

Playing guide / FAQ by Michael Hughes.

Note. This was written and posted on USENET way way back. Sometime around 1991.

Part (1):The Transporters

0 Tolosa 02-01 B
1 Bacchus 01-08 O
2 Eris 08-03 1
3 Metis 00-06 9
4 Vesta 04-06 G
5 Logos 04-02 4 (DHSS House)
6 Gaea 08-08 1
7 Clotho 01-00 1 (BIL Industries)
8 Dion 03-14 2
9 Eris 03-02 o (Writers Guild)

Part (2):To get transport quickly

(1) Taxi to Metis Spaceport
(2) Spacecraft to Tolosa
(3) Taxi to p c bil`s HQ
(4) Use transporters to get to Dion
(5) Get bus to Bil`s Drapery
(7) pick up superperson suit inside drapery
(8) Suit is vehicle-can be (B)oarded
Or:Pick up eagle 95e and key from behind Timewarp prison (start location)

Part (3):Items

Some useful,some not so useful.

02-01 Tolosa B Post it note
08-08 Gaea Opinion pole
03-14 Dion 8 Briefcase ** Get this **
09-00 Dion 1 Superperson suit ** Vehicle **
15-15 Eris capital Explosives
14-05 Eris capital Detonator ** for explosives **
07-04 Bare island Clipboard
06-05 Bare island Prism (floor 1)
06-06 Bare island Red tape (Ground floor)
03-11 Chaldea city Explosives
11-03 Chaldea city Explosives
06-08 Chaldea city Land Prospectus (floor 9)
08-06 Chaldea city In tray (floor 9)
01-03 Logos Ansaphone
01-00 Clotho Door Key B
01-01 Clotho Explosives
06-05 Clotho Electromagnet
08-03 Logos Land Deed
06-03 Eris capital Broomstick ** Vehicle-needs key **
14-11 Eris capital Instant Prison
05-05 Birmingham isle Concord III key
09-02 Eris capital Shield
09-02 Eris capital Sights
09-02 Eris capital Red Beacon Locator
09-14 Birmingham isle Explosives
14-13 Birmingham isle Cherished Number
14-13 Birmingham isle Door key J ** for novagen office **
04-04 Dion east Door key C
05-01 Dion East P C BIL report ** Read this-important **
05-02 Dion north Explosives
05-01 Dion North Lucky charm
05-01 Dion North Zimmer Walker ** Vehicle-needs key **
02-05 Dion North Jules Trophy
12-14 Eris Capital Ballot Box (The real one)
02-03 Theon Antigrav
09-02 Eris Capital Sights
09-02 Eris Capital Red Beacon locator
09-02 Eris Capital Shield ** Get this **
00-04 Vesta Child
04-06 Vesta Bil`s Bill
02-06 Metis Eagle 95-E
02-06 Metis Eagle 95-E key
05-04 Vesta Candidates log
06-04 Vesta Paper dart
05-04 Vesta Noticeboard (1st floor)
01-03 Ur city Door keys F,G,D and I
??-?? Damocles Pulvin Ore
02-11 Birmingham isle Novagen safe(Blow open for clues)
02-11 Birmingham isle Door key E
07-04 Birmingham isle Concord III
15-03 Eris Capital Hint Book
03-04 Snow isle Powerglove (Acts as Antigrave)
01-00 Clotho Blue Beacon locator
01-01 Velos city Wig
03-02 Velos city Tragedy Mask
03-02 Velos city Comedy Mask
03-02 Velos city Book ** Provides solution I **
??-?? Midas Author`s compter (Find with red beacon locator)
02-08 Bacchus Space invader

Part (4) If you are short on cash

If you are short of credits or just plain greedy,then the following places will advance you with 8 or 10 million credits.Just approch the desk and wait.06-06 Chaldea city.02-05 Logos. (B.I.C.C Bank). 03-01 Politburo city,Vesta.

Part (5) Power levels of Explosives

Power 0:-Enough to blow open Novagen Safe
Power 3:-Enough to blow open locked doors.
Power 5:-Enough to blow up buildings.(And BIL`s mines)

Part (6) The ways to win:

I. Shoot all 90 of BIL`s Craft. Get the shield and the sights and start shooting his craft. A good place to start is Pan. Also, if you blow up two or three of his mines on Dion north,this will attract more of his craft.

II. Get Elected. Log on to the Electoral register(05-04 Vesta).Read the noticeboard in the same room. Spend money advertising. Vote for Yourself. Win (This is a bit vague as I have not done it, but that is the basic idea)

III. Blow up all six of BIL`s Mines on Dion north. Get all six explosives and the detonator.Fly to Dion north and blow up each of the mines in turn. It is a good idea to get the shield for this job as you will get shot at. Therefore I recommend saving the game after blowing up each mine, in case you die.

IV. Lock Bil in jail. Get the red tape,instant prison and the land deed. Take them to 15-14 Birmingham island and you will recieve confirmation of registration. Go to the 02-03 Logos (The Building site ).Drop the Prison in the centre and stand well back.As for getting bil into the prison - I don`t know about that yet,but the P C BIL report is incriminating evidence.

V. Bankrupt P C BIL. If you read the post it note you will learn that a loss of more than 150,000,000 credits at any of the casinos will bankrupt P C BIL.The lucky charm will help you to win on the wheel of fortune.The cycle of amounts you will win (in millions) goes like this -1,-1,-1,-1,5,10,3 .Allowing for the 2 million charge for playing,you would need to repeat this sequence 18.75 times.This is about 132 plays to win 150 million.The other alternative is to fiddle the Fruit Machine with the electromagnet. The magnet however requires turning on, probably with some kind of power souce , which I have not located yet.

VI. The sixth solution for elite players. It goes like this: Get the red beacon locator. Fly to Damocles the comet , locate the white flashing dot and fly to it.Land,pick up the the pulvin ore and read the congratulatory message. Simple Eh?

Authors's computer.

Assuming the authors computer works the same way as it did in Damocles,if you can use it,the various parameters can be used to change the colours and perspective of the game.You can also use it to blow up planets.However,to use the computer, you have to be on board the author's chair. It and the computer were in the author's house on Damocles, but I have yet to find the author's chair in Mercenary III.

14-13 Birmingham isle and 09-02 Eris capital.

These buildings have no roads leading to them, so just fly to the grid location and look around. 09-02 is the playtesters station that gets mentioned quite often in various documents lying around.

I bought this game on a Saturday, and by Sunday night I had found the sixth solution.

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