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Funny search strings (Part 2)

My site gets quite a few referrals from Google. Most of the search strings are pretty normal, but every so often one is thrown up that's pretty bizarre. Here's a selection of the weirdest/funniest. My comments are under each string. Part 1 is here Part 3 is here

"dracula and mrs.parker"
Mrs Parker my biology teacher?

"britain blake district"
Population 11600. Common name: Blake

"facts on how italian people travel on their road"
Their one road? I'll give you a fact: It's crowded

"kai tak airport water smell"
No comment

"nagoya batam girls"
Whilst this string is not funny, it and many others like it do crop up very often. So if you're searching for information, here is some. There are girls on the island of Batam near Singapore. It's part of Indonesia and appears quite poor. The girls are very cute and petite. I know no more.

"red nosed reindeer mcdonalds lyrics"
Sounds like another fiendish corporate culture corruption.

"types of food a dog would eat in singapore"
Dog Food.

"what does the name kayleigh mean"
It means your parents probably liked Marillion.

"sleeping in a mitsubishi magna"

"malaysia proton plant accident pictures"
Like someone would publish them!!

"little girls in strings"

"buy frog she china market"

"things to do at niagara falls canada"
Doh! What do you think there is to do there?? Watch the water..!! Unless you want to spend all your time in the inevitable tacky gift shop.

"perv pics funny"

"caning little girls"

"a window and what you see as you look through it hong kong"
That would really depend on which window

"chinese takeaways that are for sale and they have pictures"
Pictures of what?

"funny cabbage pictures"
Never seen a funny shaped cabbage

"caught bringing chewing gum into singapore"
Were you?

"miss chubby italy"
I'm suprised at the Italians staging such a pageant

"weird things people searched for on google"
Lists of rubbish

"alcohol kuala lumpur kuala lumpur kuala lumpur"
OK, OK, we get the point

"current email addresses and guestbook of roderick in scotland 2"
Roderick. That narrows it down to only a few thousand

"heanor gate porn"
I just don't understand this one at all.

"photos of girl looking in the toilet bowl"
Pervs reach a new level.

"the obsession with dangling things from rear view mirror"
What obsession?

"what would the statue of liberty look like if it were copper"
It is copper. This search string has cropped up more than once too.

"xxx tiland"
A perv who cannot spell

"how to buy live chicken at wet market bottom"
This would almost make sense if it did not include the word bottom

"how do indian cobras travel?"
First Class, every time.

"toilet for overweight people"
This is a good one. Combines two of the most popular search strings in my list of referrers. Overweight people and toilets. Just what is the obsession here? If I were to combine the most populat weird stuff, it'd probably produce a string along the lines of "the most expensive golden toilet for overweight people in Hong Kong".

"free adult preteens"
I think these terms are mutually exclusive, you perv.

"free application for sex in usa"
I wonder if they found what they were looking for? I want to apply here!

"gargoyles and toilet"
I love this one

"glass floor house fish"
Another classic non-sequiter

"is it possible to be horny if you are a virgin"

"snake curled up in the toilet"

"Russian Models"
Not unusual in itself, but I'll bet he was disappointed when he found out they were Airfix.

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