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This is a "Further Information" section of my main CV.

Flash Games : Actionscript development and design

Since 2002 I have designed and developed over 50 games using Flash and Actionscript 2 or Actionscript 3.0. Many of these have been for big-brand companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Manx Telecom, Universal Music, Cisco and Orange Telecom amongst others. All of the games on were developed and designed by myself.

My first project was to design a game in which would attract visitors to my own website. In 2002, I had the idea of a driving game where you could shoot out speed cameras at the side of the road. The finished game was created using a combination of Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop and WavEditor and was named Camera Killer. The finished game was only 72k, and I promoted this game using 2 newsgroups, a few forums and the viral email power of 10 friends. The combined traffic to my site peaked at some 10,000 visits a day and brought over 2 million players to since the game's launch. I later created a sequel (Camera Killer 2) which can be found here. The sequel has also had over 7 million players and has appeared on many other websites.

During the height of the Iraq Weapons of Mass destruction crisis, I was asked to design and write a game called "Weapons Inspector" for a website called Forced Reunited. Being a topical and cute/amusing game, this gained some 40,000 players during the first few weeks of release, and many more players since.

Some of these games I've designed and developed are are listed here but this is by no means an exhaustive list :-

For each of these games I have designed both the graphics and gameplay and also written the Actionscript code.

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