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CV/Resume - Extended information : Web Design/HTML

This is a "Further Information" section of my main CV.

Web Design

I design websites with the three following criteria in mind: Visual appearance, useability, and to have tidy, correct HTML/CSS. I usually work in Fireworks for initial design, but have also used Photoshop and Illustrator for site design. There are links to many sites I have designed on my main CV page. I've worked on sites covering a wide range of topics, both from small personal sites through e-commerce shopping sites and onto large corporate sites, both internet, intranet and extranet. I have maintained 200+ page sites working with other designers, using Dreamweaver templates and it's page check-in/check-out features, for companies with over 1000 employees.

HTML & Cascading Style Sheets

I have a lot of experience writing HTML and style sheets, particularly paying attention to the correct use of markup tags, standards compliant HTML or XHTML, and Google-friendly code.

The best example of my HTML writing is the site you are on now, You can see by looking at the source code that this site makes use of validating XHTML and correct use of markup. For example, headings are <h1>, sub headings <h2>, Lists are <li> and so on. This site correctly uses tables only where there is a need to display tabulated data, and the entire site was written by hand using only Notepad, not Dreamweaver. Wherever possible, I design sites this way which provides easy maintenance and clear adherence to HTML, web and useability standards. The site is also optimised for search engines and as such gets over 500 referrals a day from Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. A number of other sites I have written this way also score highly with the search engines.

My site designs also make good use of Cascading Style Sheets, which makes updating the style and the colours of the site a simple task. All of the buttons on this site, including the rollover effects, are controlled by CSS.

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