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CV/Resume - Extended information : Print Design

This is a "Further Information" section of my main CV.

Magazines, Brochures and other print jobs

Over the course of the last 10 years I have been involved in designing many different print jobs. I have created them using both QuarkXpress and for many years, Adobe InDesign. I have worked on magazines, catalogues, folders, brochures, advertisements and a range of other items, and have also worked with foreign languages such as Spanish, Romainian and Dutch. I am familiar with the wide range of finishing options and have creatively used laminates, spot varnishes, metallics and cutouts.

I also work closely with printers to ensure that no problems occur between DTP and RIP/press, making sure all the files supplied are compatible and compliant with no RGB images, difficult overprints, broken fonts etc. This has resulted in very good relationships with printers, and a high percentage of jobs that come back both as proof and finished item with no problems along the way. This is also a benefit when supplying artwork to magazines for use as adverts, as the job is never returned or printed with problems.

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