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Farang Font

Licensing Terms

Thankyou for your interest in the Farang font. You are free to use this font for any NON-COMMERCIAL purpose, except to make another font file, and you may not convert the font to another format and re-distribute it.

If you do distribute this font in it's original format, I would like this text file to go with it, so please distribute the .zip, not the .ttf

Non-commercial use

If you do use this font for a NON-COMMERCIAL purpose, It would be nice (but not essential), if you'd send me a jpeg of how you've used it. I'm not going to object to anything, I'm just curious on what it gets used for.

Any other comments, questions, moans or praise would be most welcome, and if you like the font, please sign my guestbook.

Commercial use

If you want to use this for commercial purposes, please contact me. For commercial use, this font requires the payment of a one-off licence fee of either £20 (UK Pounds) or $30 (US Dollars) to me. I am contactable either at the addresses above or through my website, for further payment information or more information on terms.

Disclaimers etc

The user assumes all risks inherent in using this font. Farang and their variants are copyright ©2002 by Michael Hughes and are his creative intellectual property. This font was developed during June 2002, and is based on the look and feel of the Thai character set. Many foreign characters are encoded within this font, including most western and central European characters.

30th June 2002.

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