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Heanor Gate School - Teachers List class of '89

Here is an incomplete list of the pupils of the classes of '84 - '89. I've not included the more offensive nicknames.

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Name House Nickname
Adrian Abbot Shaftesbury
Dean Allsopp Shaftesbury
Wayne Allsopp Shaftesbury
Nicola Askey
Vanessa Ball Nightingale
Sally Barber Shaftesbury
Lee Barrow
Chris Beale Pasteur
Joanne Bednall Royce
Naomi Bentley Nightingale
Vanessa Bevan Nightingale
Richard Birks Shaftesbury
Tina Blagg Pasteur
Jane Blanchon
Amanda Bloodworth
Stephen Bloodworth Pasteur
Marc Booth Pasteur Lofty
Matthew Bowyer Nightingale
Sonia Brady
Paul Bream Pasteur
Catherine Brewer Pasteur
Michelle Brooks Shaftesbury
Andrew Brough
Lee Brough Shaftesbury
Jonathan Brough Shaftesbury
Lindsey Brown Pasteur
Lisa Bullock
Anthony Burgin
Dawn Burrows
Paul Buxton
Jennifer Byres Nightingale
Daniel Cade
Lee Calladine Royce Callo
Jason Carrington Royce
Terence Carter Nightingale
Sonia Chambers Shaftesbury
Rachael Chiemielewski Nightingale
Lisa Clark Nightingale
Samantha Clayton
Adam Cook Shaftesbury Cookie
Emma Cooper
Neil Cooper Shaftesbury
Trevor Cooper Nightingale
Richard Cosford Royce
Tara Crisp
Andrew Davies Royce
Jonathan Davis Royce
Jason Derbyshire Shaftesbury Punky
Lisa Derbyshire
John Doherty Pasteur
Louise Draper
Ian Duffield Royce Duffy
Jasvir Dusanjh Pasteur
Karen Durose Royce
Tracey Elliot
Richard Elwell Pasteur
Tracy England Shaftesbury
Matthew Evans Royce Evs
Claire Fowkes Pasteur
Samantha Fell Royce
Shaune Fradley Pasteur
Ian Froggat Nightingale Froggy
Dianne Flint Nightingale
Mandy Fogg Pasteur
Martin Forsyth Pasteur
Deborah Garton Nightingale
Suzanne Gascoigne Pasteur
Scott Gaskell Shaftesbury
David Gigg Pasteur Giggy
David Gillot Nightingale
Adrian Gillott Shaftesbury
Stephen Glover
Mark Greaves Royce Granny
Rachael Gregg
Emily Groves Shaftesbury
Lisa Hall Royce
Rebecca Hallam
Rachael Hallsworth Shaftesbury
Lyndsey Hand Pasteur
Richard Hardy Royce
Paul Harrison Royce
Jane Hart Nightingale
Adam Hartley Royce
Judith Hazeldine Royce
Steven Hicking Royce
Astrid Hill Shaftesbury
Richard Hill
Donna Hodgins Shaftesbury
Alison Hodgkinson Shaftesbury
Mark Holman Royce Obbly
Jane Horsley Pasteur
Leighton Horsley Nightingale
Clifford Hoult Royce
Kevin Howitt Nightingale
Michael Hughes Shaftesbury
Glynn Hunt Nightingale
Lisa Inger Nightingale
Rachel Ives
Andrew Jackson
Matthew Jackson Shaftesbury Ski
Craig Jones Pasteur Gonzo
Dave Jerram Pasteur
Martin Key Pasteur
Brett Kirkland Nightingale
Kevin Kirkman Shaftesbury
James Knifton Nightingale
Robert Knight Shaftesbury
Joanne Knighton Nigtingale
William Knowles
David Lee Royce
Charlotte Lamb Pasteur
Michelle Leete Pasteur
Philip Littlechild Shaftesbury Fungus
Stephanie Lockton Pasteur
Chris Longdon Shaftesbury
Colin Lounds Pasteur
Phil Lynam Pasteur
Daniel Marks Shaftesbury
Sarah Marshall Shaftesbury
Shaune Marshall
Carol Martin
Donna Martin
Beverly Meakin Pasteur
Lee Meakin Pasteur
Kay Mellors Shaftesbury
Jonathan Mercer
Paul Mercer
Paul Monkhouse
Martin Mosely Pasteur
Robert Noon Noony
Laura Owers Pasteur
Richard Page Pagey
David Palfreyman Poly
Scott Parker Pasteur
Vanessa Parkins
Mark Parry
Ross Parry
Tracy Perkins Royce
Tracey Phyllis
Roger Poole
Jason Pye Nightingale Pieman
Mark Pollard Pasteur
Edward Quinn Shaftesbury
Anthony Ratcliffe Raco
Laura Reeves Nightingale
Caroline Reynolds
Janie Rhodes
Mark Rice Pasteur Ricey
Carl Robinson
Jamie Robinson
Richard Robinson Nightingale Iggy
Robert Robinson Royce Ronno
James Rodgers Nightingale
Sally Rodgers Nightingale
Andrew Seal
Nicola Severn Pasteur
Richard Sharpe Shaftesbury
Deborah Simonite
David Simpson Shaftesbury Simbo
Richard Shelton Royce
Kevin Shipman Nightingale
Mark Slack Shaftesbury
Jason Slater Dollar
Wayne Smedley Shaftesbury
Kathryn Smith Pasteur
Stuart Smith Squirrel
Nigel Spencer Pasteur
Sarah Spendlove Pasteur
Diana Sperry Royce
Tracey Stimpson
Rachael Tennick
Nicola Thomas
Alison Waller Royce
Caroline Walford Royce
Claire Walker Royce
Ruth Walker
Neil Walters
Scott Walters Shaftesbury
Danny Waples
Sarah Ward Shaftesbury
Carl Wardle
Claire Wardle Royce
Richard Waring Pasteur
Lizzy Wheeldon Royce
Suzanne Whittle
Zoe Wileman
Gary Whitehead Royce
Stuart Wilcockson Nightingale Griff
Claire Wood Pasteur
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