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Heanor Gate Science college / Heanor Gate School - Teachers List class of '89

Here is an incomplete list of the teachers of the classes of '84 - '89.

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Name Subject Nickname
Ms Adams English  
Mrs Bailey Maths  
Mr Baker Physics  
Mrs Bench English  
Mr Bestwick Maths  
Mr Blackwell Pottery Billy
Mr Brown Maths Nookie
Mrs Brown French  
Mr Bullus Supply Bullshit Bullus
Mr Burns Geography Kidney Punch
Mr Campion Headtecher Campo
Mrs Chadwick Maths  
Mr Cherry Maths  
Mr Churchman PE/English Crunchie
Mr Dimian Physics Slim Dim
Ms Dobriski English  
Mr Dowding History Dracula
Mrs Durose French Turtle
Mr Harvey Chemistry Spoonhead
Mrs Hatton Biology  
Mr Hill R.E  
Mr Holden PE  
Mr Ford Physics  
Mrs Fry PE  
Mr Garley French Charlie
Mrs Gillott Cookery  
Mrs Gray R.E Ma Gray
Mr Janes Dep Head  
Mr Kenworthy Supply Clarence
Mrs Knighton German  
Mr Lamb Pottery  
Mr Lamb Tech Drawing  
Mr Larimore History  
Mr Litchfield English  
Mr Lovell Woodwork  
Mrs Methuen English Skeletor
Mr McClure French  
Mr McIntyre Art Bullshit Mac
Mrs McKenzie English  
Mrs Millership Biology  
Mr Moakes PE  
Mrs Parker Biology  
Mr Partridge History  
Mr Percival Cookery  
Mr Raven Special Kids  
Mr Rokita Maths Brickmuncher
Mrs Sanby Plaster/Aspirin  
Mrs Sheldon Sewing  
Mr Smith Metalwork  
Mr Speakman PE  
Mr Spencer Headteacher Stan the man
Mr Stafford Geography Concorde
Mrs Stumbles Supply  
Mrs Taylor Music  
Mrs Taylor Cookery  
Mrs Taylor Chemistry  
Mr Tunnicliffe --Nothing--  
Mr Webb French Webby / Satan
Mr Wetton Metalwork  
Mrs Whitehead English/Dep Head  
Mrs Whiteman Geography  
Mr Whittlestone Art  
Mrs Wilkinson Physics  
Mrs Wood (Rutherford) PE  
Mrs Woolley Maths  
Mr Young English  

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