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Added photgraphs of New Orleans and Kuwait


Added photgraphs of Athens and Sicily


Added a writing article about converting a SEGA Dreamcast to a tissue box.


I've now added some photographs of Norway and some more of Sweden, after my 5 day trip to Tromso, Narvik and Abisko


After moving the website to hosting with far greater capacity, I'm able to add many more photographs. I've started with a big collection from my trip Seoul, South Korea two months ago, and some from Chicago where I visited on business in 2010.


Some of last year's Paris photos are added, along with this years Sri Lanka photos. Also added is a 100 photo tutorial for the model kit Aoshima Admiration Celsior.


A long time since an update, and a long time since a holiday, but it was worth the wait for 2 weeks in China, one of those spent in the beautiful Yunnan province.


It can be so hard sometimes to find the time to update a personal site when ther'es so many other online activities to complete, work and so on. I've now added much more stuff though, photos of Hong Kong taken in June, photos of Berlin taken in September and travel writing on Berlin too. Finally managed to complete a model kit I bought in 2004, a Tamiya Nissan Skyline, so have put some photos of that online too, and another kit I bought in 2004, a Tamiya Honda Prelude XX.


A long time since I updated my site. With no upcoming travel plans I have managed to find the time to write more about the last trip so there are now three new articles. One is all about Osaka, one is on the other places in Japan I visited outside Osaka, including Nara and Kyoto. The other is entitled 10 snacks and drinks you must try if you visit Japan. I'm feeling a desire to go somewhere new now, but I have absolutley no idea where to go. So many places I could go all remind me of places I have already been - quite a lucky position to be in I guess. Some of the places I've not yet seen but would like to go include Venice, North Korea, Egypt, Tibet, Monaco, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. I'd also like to return to Thailand with a better camera this time.


A mega site update this time, with some 200 new photographs added, of Dubai and of various places in Japan, including Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima, plus the giant kids playground that is Universal Studios Japan, also in Osaka. I've even managed to add some more pictures of me travelling too. I will write about these places when I get time.


HDR-SR8EAfter a day's fun and games trying to edit the MPEG2 footage from my employer's new Sony HDR-SR8E video camera, I eventually found out how to do it without Adobe Premiere crashing. The solution is in this MPEG editing tutorial.


Whilst on a "booze cruise" (a day trip to France from the UK primarily for the purpose of buying lower taxed, higher quality wine from the supermarkets of Calais), I also managed to do a bit of sightseeing and also got these photos of Boulogne.


I have recently conducted a supermarket price survey, just to see if there really is a big difference between them. The results are here.


After a rather wet trip to Denmark and Sweden, I have added some photos of each place.


Just what is it with the current trend of high visibility jackets? I remember when the only people that wore these were the police. Now it seems any job is worthy of a bright yellow jacket. Apart from making it hard to tell who are the real police officers, it seems that any jobsworth that's been given a yellow jacket suddenly now thinks he is allowed to start ordering members of the public about and giving them rules. I blame it on the stupid Health and Safety laws we have in the UK. I'm sure office workers will be required to wear them soon, just in case anyone accidentally reverses into them with the tea trolley. Eventually, these jackets will become so ubiquitous they will become invisible, like car alarms. There will be too many of them for anyone to ever take notice. Remember this if you wear one : a high visibilty jacket does not make you God or make you my superior : You are just an ordinary person in bright clothing.


Photographs of China added. Some travel writing on China added also.


Photographs of Scotland added.


Photographs of Amsterdam added, as a result of my recent day trip.


I've added a sitemap, and after a few requests, some photos of myself travelling, after it was observed that of all the many travel pictures on the website, I was in none of them.


Las Vegas Travel Writing added, Grand Canyon trip writing added.


After a well deserved holiday in America, I have added some photographs of Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Nevada, and some American cars. I also managed to get some photos of Iceland and Greenland from 35,000 ft during the flight over. I will write about all this later, when I have the time.


I thought my own country was under represented by photographs, so I have added some more photos of Britain. I have also written another article for the travel pages, related to a part of a past trip to the Czech Republic, a visit to a firing range. I have also added Google adverts my website. Since I'm still getting some 900 visitors a day, I thought I'd try help fund the hosting and bandwidth this way.


Added the Turkey travel writing and Istanbul photos after my recent week's holiday. Also since I got a 6 hour wait in Frankfurt, I was able to visit that city too for a few hours, so Frankfurt photos also added. Finally got around to writing about flying too, so that page is also new


For the last week, has been top of Google for the search string "Michael Hughes". Hurrah! I get to the top eventually for what is a pretty common name. I wonder how long I will stay there?


Thought I'd better update my CV section, as some of the sites I'd worked on in the past have sadly been changed beyond recognition from the design work I'd originally done on them years ago. I also decided to update the colour scheme too, I was getting tired of the blue, so have changed it to green-grey with red. I've also updated the Austria travel writing.


Poland Pictures added, Czech Republic pictures updated.


I've sent a while chatting on the internet over the last year and a half. After meeting more than a few weird people (and some nice ones), I decided to write this piece called The 10 types of internet chatter.


Beat the speed cameras / GATZOs with PhotoBlocker Spray. Check it out at


I've revised and corrected many typos in many of the travelogues. The older ones didn't use great English, so now they should be a bit better. If anyone spots any bad typos, please contact me and let me know. Also, more photos of painted airfix soldiers added to the archive section, and a few other models also. This website has managed just over 300,000 visits in the last 12 months.


Following a work/holiday trip to Tokyo in early September 2004, I've added many pictures of Tokyo


3 more travelogues added. Another Hong Kong, Penang and a day trip to China. New photos added also for the respective countries. Also added another page of weird search strings.


After reviewing the web logs for my site, I've compiled this list of funny search strings..


I have a new job. After nearly three years at Entamedia, I'm now working for Kerridge, a software company, doing part of the website, microsites, print jobs and presentations.


I've completed my site redesign now, converting all of the information into XHTML and table-less design. This new site is leaner and faster than the old tables based one, and is pretty much has all new presentation.


Italy Photos and travel writing added. Number of players of Camera Killer now stands at 110,000 (From usage stats)


Ireland photos added.


Thanks to all 67,758 visitors to this site during October, most of whom played my Flash game. The amazing power of viral email eh?


My Flash game, Camera Killer, managed to get over 30,000 separate visits in it's first two weeks of release. Click here to play


Finished my first Flash Game - Camera Killer. Ever wanted to take out your frustration on those annoying Gatso speed cameras dotted around the UK? Play this game and see how many you can shoot.Click here to play


School Reunion Barbecue. Very strange evening, but good fun. Mainly of interest to other ex-Heanor Gate pupils, the photos are available in the HeanorGate section


I went on holiday to Crete. Photos and writing available in the travel section

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