My Portfolio: Video (Animation) examples.

Mixed Camera/Animation

Product Promo video for B2B SaaS company
Client: CDK Global

Notes: Production with cast, crew etc. I directed and post-produced.

Product Promo video for car dealership service software.
Client: CDK Global

Explainer combined animation & live-action video for business sales software (includes some 3D)
Client: Keyloop

Notes: I created both the animation and directed the live-action.

Trade Show animation - Where connections begin
Client: CDK Global

Shown on a giant video wall at a trade show, this video is made of animation on top of stock footage.

Animation / Motion Graphics

Promo video - Technology internal event
Client: CDK Global

Notes: Animation and photos with a technology focus.

Explainer animation - Business Messaging Software
Client: Keyloop

Notes: Mostly 2D animation with physics, some 3D animation.

The Scrum Master in a Nutshell
Client: Agile Mastery Institute

Notes: Whiteboard style "drawn" animation.

Yearly stats and wrapup animation
Client: Arctic Shores

Notes: Simple but kinetic and bouncy animation showing a company's 2021 results.

Explainer animation - Statistics monitoring software
Client: JATO

Notes: The animation part only truly begins after the first 20 seconds of text

Explainer video: Keyloop blend of art and science. Lego style
Client: Keyloop

Notes: Uses a lego-brick metaphor for the visuals - intended to be light and friendly.

Reception Video: CDK World
Client: CDK Global

Notes: A simple short video of a rotating 3D globe showing office locations.