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Aoshima Toyota Crown Athlete

Aoshima Toyota Crown "Athlete" completed in October 2008. Click Thumbnail below to view larger image.

I was fortunate enough to drive one of these for real on a holiday in Japan a few years ago, so I chose the kit and colour to match that one. I also picked up a brochure, (underneath the car in the photos), which certainly helped with the interior detail. Seatbelts are made from painted masking tape, buckles are P/E parts. Paint is standard car paint, with Mr Top Coat on top. Quite a good kit to build, no badly fitting parts or anything like that. Suspension detail is not accurate to real car, but is nice and springy.

Aoshima Crown Athlete Zero Aoshima Toyota Aoshima Crown Athlete Corwn Athlete interior Crown Athlete Exterior Crown Athlete front Crown Athlete Aoshima Crown

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