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Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand

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Trip in February 1998. All "facts" are how things seemed to me at the time.

The Jade Pavillion hotel have now installed 21" NEC Televisions, but they still only have two slow lifts. The monorail was still under construction, and was much further on, but not yet finished. I had another suit made at Landmark Fashions, about half the price of the other one, due to the currency drop. I was transferred to...


Pattaya is a beach resort about 3 hours drive from Bangkok, through a lot of very beautiful countryside, palm trees and some mountains. It is a medium sized beach town, with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops, and an average beach. Not far from Pattaya is an Island with a much better beach, with clear blue sea and golden sand. This is referred to by the locals as "Island", as in "you want go island?". I never did find out it's name. It takes about 20 mins to get there by hired boat and it's well worth the trip. There are few things to see and do in Pattaya, so I spent a lot of time lounging around in the sun. The Beachview hotel had one slow lift and a 14" Phillips TV. Not great, but it was cheap, and the beach is literally across the road. My room was on the side of the hotel though, so you had to lean quite far off the small balony in order to see the beach. Strangely the tailors and other vendors here didn't hassle as much for business, they just let you go by if you didn't go in, and the whole place had a more relaxed atmosphere then Bangkok. I got some more shirts made at one of the Indian tailors down the road form the hotel.

The flight back to Heathrow was 12 hours. One hour into the flight, after the meal, I shut my eyes (Over the coast of Thailand) and when I opened them and looked at the on-screen map, I was nearly over Moscow. I had slept for 6 1/2 hours solid. I have taken 19 flights in the last 3 1/2 years prior to this trip, and this is the first one where I have slept significantly. Hurrah.

I went before in Sep 1996 and in Feb 1997

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